My glossary

The meaning of some acronyms that I may use in my blog from time to time.

ser = him/her

se = she/he

ogdt = old gimmer death trap

QE = quantitative easing or in a layman's term - creating money out of thin air

ctlfb = cheating, thieving, lying, fat bastard

snoscunts = dozy fuckers

tldr = too long, didn't read

tldw = too long, didn't watch

grankers = greedy bankers

snoutlets = sensational news outlets.

shacks = shameles hacks

ffs = for fuck's sake - just like wtf or what the fuck

scats = scaredy cats

bones = brave ones

wippies = weird hippies

meople = monkey people (same as sheeple) ie., us humans. We are nothing more than dangerous (not cheeky) monkeys after all.

faxxers = fat anti-vaccers

tfu = totally fucking useless