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  • Anyone feel sorry for Dominic Cummings..?

    Yesterday I kept turning the TV on (voyeuristically) and off (angrily) watching Dominic Cummings deal live with one angry journalist after another, purporting to represent the whipped up frenzied " … more

  • My glossary

    The meaning of some acronyms that I may use in my blog from time to time.

    ser = him/her

    se = she/he

    ogdt = old gimmer death trap

    QE = quantitative easing or in a layman's term - creating … more

  • Survival of the flattest

    As you might imagine this rant is centred on covid-19.

    It's a pretty hard post as I don't want to come across as some right wing fascist bastard.

    Or as too simplistic - there are some huge … more

  • Brazil - December 2019

    Well I'm back from my trip to Brazil.. What a mind opener that was.

    In October, three Brazilians set a new paragliding world record of 582km there, so we knew that there was potential for personal … more

  • Politics.....

    This is just a quick entry for all my imaginary friends here (ie., me) of some observations and possible insights that have crystalised in my head mainly when I am out walking the dog.This process … more

  • Machine learning/neural networks update.

    I thought I'd update my blog with where I'm at regarding my machine learning and neural networks project.

    A close academic friend of mine, "CAF", has got me excited about machine learning and neural … more

  • New World Economics

    I haven't had a rant for a while about the parlous state of the world economy or central banking monetary policy and quantitative easing ("QE") etc., etc.,

    This is because of a thought I keep having … more

  • Grasping linux by the horns.

    I've wanted to run a full node on the iota tangle for about 20 months now but have been put off by the hurdles (I completely failed the KYC of one german ISP obviously being a dodgy IOM customer) and … more