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  • Laying low .... starting to not like people in general ....

    Mr Grumpy here....

    We are having a 3 week lockdown in the Isle of Man as a result of the new Covid-19 strain and I'm trying to lay low and keep my mouth shut mainly;

    .... as I'm becoming resentful … more

  • Always an optimist me .... I love a bit of chaos ....

    Or .... a rainbow always follows a storm.. 🤪

    In biology  ... chaos (think natural disaster - there are a few around 😁) always benefits an ecosystem

    In chemistry, La Chateliers Principle says that … more

  • jeez ..... the press ... a very quick one ...

    The FT report today ..... 

    "Bitcoin tumbles back to $30,000 in volatile trading"

    From an all time high over the weekend of $35,000 ... Is that bad news!? OR reason to avoid crypto$!?

    Back in 2017/1 … more

  • A tiny new(s) year's eve rant :)

    This is a very quick one and concerns the objectivity of the news we are subjected to day in and day out!

    It's OK for people to have opinions; this is why we have blogs ....

    But PLEASE .... if you … more

  • New acronym incoming ....

    snoscunts = dozy fuckers

    I probably need to put some context around this as it is a bit vulgar I know so my apologies for that.

    It popped out of my head from nowhere during a whatsapp rant to some … more

  • I learnt a new word last weekend.... "haiku"

    Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry.

    A haiku uses just a few words to capture a moment and create a picture in the reader's mind.

    And it turns out that a good and always very understated (unlike me) … more

  • I have fallen down the audiophile rabbit hole!

    2020 has been a strange year for all of us.

    For me, who has always been into music and listening to tunes - intimately and not just on the radio - for at least 2 hours every day, it has allowed me … more

  • The pink guardian

    I cancelled my ft.com subscription today mainly because of a lack of balance re covid-19 reporting - which most of the mainstream media are guilty of.However, I did like the article "The kids aren’t … more

  • SAGE; my arse

    SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies); my arse!

    More like "Stupid Arses Gouge Economy"

    Oh, and how they laughed at the acronym!

    This paper republished in the British Medical Journal on 7 … more