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  • I can't believe I've not mentioned this before!

    OK .. I did a post not so long ago about why (imo) it's not good to start your sentence with the word "so" - tldr - it's because I think it makes a person sound stupid (other opinions are available). … more

  • Now I'm on a Covid-19 research roll ...

    ... I've got the bit between my teeth and I'm just throwing this out there...

    Do you remember the kerfuffle surrounding the AstraZeneca shot and its efficacy regarding the first and second shot in … more

  • A flawed Covid-19 vaccination approach?

    I wrote a long post last night explaining why I'm not ready to have one of the current crop of Covid-19 vaccinations.

    Today's post cuts to the chase if last night's post is TLDR.

    Due to Antibody- … more

  • Why I'm hoping to avoid having a vaccine.

    This is a follow up post to the one I did here on the whole vaccine/world domination conspiracy theory and concerns the new vaccine technologies.

    Whilst, before considering all of what follows, I … more

  • Racism is ....

    not about your creed, class, background, ethnicity or the colour of your skin.

    It's about you, and more specifically your mind.

    You are or you aren't; NASTY (as in vicious or spiteful, not ugly or … more

  • Now I'm possibly going to get into trouble.....

    OK. From the outset of this post I have to a make a few things clear.

    Firstly, I am fatist (not to be confused with fascist, and hopefully people who land here may be able to tell the difference). … more

  • I made a new website last night

    It's at https://ier-z1r.com.

    This fanboy post on https://head-fi.org was sufficient motivation.


  • Stinky breath...

    TLDR: Bad breath may increase your chances of dying from Covid-19

    I read an awesome book in my teens, Papillon, all about some dude's escape from a french prison island.

    To get himself into the … more